Unit Structure

Each unit lasts about two weeks and requires a quiz, an addition to you family analysis webpage, and participation in your family discussion forum. General information about these assignments can be found below. Following that are links to specific units.

Quizzes: Quizzes are designed to be sure you understand key concepts and terms from the chapters. Each unit quiz will be available for two days: Monday and Tuesday (except the first week). You can only take a quiz once.

Addition to family analysis webpage (inidividual assignments) : This webpage is designed to help you learn to apply the concepts you are learning. You will be asked to analyze a specific family. You should choose a family you know well; one about which you have fairly indepth information. You are not required to use your own family but you may certainly do so - you can change the names, if you like :).

If you choose not to use a real family, you may use a fictional family, be sure it is a book, TV show or movie that gives you plenty of information about how the family functions.

Each time an addition to your family analysis page is required you will have two due dates. The first is when you must have your information posted, generally on the first Friday of the unit. Then you will have time to comment on each other's webpages (within your own class family). The second due date is when all revisions must be made and I will begin grading after the last Friday of the unit . Points will be deducted if you miss either due date.

Need help creating your webpage? creating a webpage

If you have trouble, email, call or come and see me. Or, you can check in with the helpdesk (481-6030). Do not wait until the day an assignment is due!

Know how to create a webpage but need help with writing for one? writing for the web


Discussion forums (group/family assignments) : Each unit requires participation in your family discussion forum. Discussion forums topics are designed to give you the opportunity to explore some of the concepts in more depth. Please take time to read the following paragraphs about how to be successful in the discussion forums.

Successfully using discussion forums: The discussion forums are graded on the depth of critical analysis each group exhibits about the topics at hand. Be sure to post in the forum for your group. You will recieve both an individual grade for your contributions (quantity and quality) and a group grade over the final answer posting. You are expected to make at least 5 content entries into the forum for each topic. Helpful hints: "content entries" include comments beyond "good job"; do not try to make all of your entries in one or two days; back to back postings count as one entry.

Each discussion forum assignment is allowed 7 days to develop. During that time you are expected to be checking the forum daily, keeping up with, and interacting in the conversation. Concentrate on commenting, adding examples and/or specificity and asking questions. You should also comment on the responses of other members of your group. (Hint: "I agree" does not constitute a response!) Make this, as much as possible, a conversation. You will be graded on the depth and thoughtfulness of your responses. Please check every day when there is a discussion going on. End dates for these mark the end of the discussion (not when you should first enter the discussion).

IMPORTANT: Everyone should post their initial answers to that unit's discussion topic by the first Wednesday of the unit. The facilitator for that discussion is responsible for asking questions, clarifying, summarizing and synthesizing until the group reaches consensus about its final Answers and the Evidence for those answers. Final answers should be posted in your family's discussion forum with the subject heading: FINAL ANSWER FOR "YOUR FAMILY NAME." Final answers are due on the second Wednesday of the unit. You will then have from Thursday to Sunday to question the answers of other groups as well as defend the questions that your group gets. At the end of that secondary discussion (SundayS), I will award 3 extra credit points to the family with the best articulated/defended argument. (Note: if your family wins but you did not participate in the debate, you do not earn the extra credit points.)

All assignments, quizzes etc. are due by midnight (quizzes by 11:55 pm) on the date due.


Further information and assignments

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