Unit Two: Creating Meaning in Families

Chapters Four and Five

September 8 - 21

September 8 - 9: Take Quiz over Unit Two

September 10 - 17 (First posting by 9/10): Discussion Forum: Watch the clip "Georgia Rule" (available from Unit Two Page in Blackboard).

As a group answer the following questions:

In this clip, Georgia identifies several rules for her granddaughter, Rachel, to follow while Rachel is staying with her. Clearly these rules are important to Georgia.

1. What are the rules (just list them)?

2. Given what you see in the clip, what do you think Georgia is trying to "teach" Rachel with these rules?

3. Is this use of these rules likely to have a positive or negative
influence on the relationship between Georgia and Rachel?

Please frame your answer by first writing: ANSWERS: (list the actual answers without reasoning, explanation etc.). Then, in a separate section, write: EVIDENCE and provide the evidence/rationale for your answers to 2. and 3.

When you have your final answers, post them in your family's discussion forum with the subject heading: FINAL ANSWER FOR "YOUR FAMILY NAME." We will move them to the class forum for the "debate" part of this discussion.

Hint: Look over Successfully using Discussion Forums.

September 12: Add an analysis of 3-5 important rules (explicit or implicit) to your family analysis webpage. What are the rules? How did they come about (if you know)? Have they changed over time? Is that change (or lack thereof) good or bad for the functioning of the family? Explain.What affect do they have on your family (or the family you are studying)? As always, choose carefully if you are using your own family. You are, after all, putting these on a webpage! It is not necessary to talk about things that might embarass or disturb your family.

September 12 -19: Post comments on family websites for your family

September 17: Final answers must be posted: Final answers should be posted in your family's discussion forum with the subject heading: FINAL ANSWER FOR "YOUR FAMILY NAME."

September 19: Final Revisions of web additions due.

September 18 - 21: Debate "FINAL ANSWERS"; chance to refute, question, defend.


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