Unit Six: Social Influences and Improving Family Communication

Chapters 11 and 12

November 17 - December 5


November 17 - 18: Quiz Unit Six

November 19 - 25 (First posting by 11/19) : Discussion Forum:

Watch the Spanglish clip in Blackboard

Some background: Flore, an immigrant from Mexico has taken a job with the Closkys as their house keeper. The Closkys, a wealthy white couple with two children, have decided to move into a summer house on the beach for the entire summer. They have asked Flore and her young daughter Christina to live with them for the summer. For the sake of keeping her job, Flore agrees.

The question: Both the cultural and socio-economic positions of these two families are very different. Based on what you read for this unit, which of the contextual factors (culture or socio-economic status) do you think most strongly influences this argument between Flore and Mr. Closky? (You might especially consider both, relevant factors of family context and exterior arrangements.)

November 21: Family Analysis Webpage: Final entry to your family analysis webpage! This entry should focus on the space your family inhabits and how you use it.

1) Analyze the rooms and floor plan of your home/apartment: how do they affect the communication within the home?

2) Analyze the furnishings and decor in terms of their effect on communication, spending time together, alone etc.

3) How are boundaries managed both within the home and between the home and the outside environment?

4) Given the previous analysis, determine if you feel your family has an isomorphic, complementary or no-fit with its environment.

November 21 - December 5: Post comments about family members' webpages (this is longer than usual due to Thanksgiving break).

November 25: Final answers must be posted: Final answers should be posted in your family's discussion forum with the subject heading: FINAL ANSWER FOR "YOUR FAMILY NAME."

December 5: Make final revisions to webpages.

December 1 - 4: Debate "FINAL ANSWERS"; chance to refute, question, defend.




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