Unit Five: Stress

Chapters 9 and 10

November 3 - 16


November 3 - 4: Quiz Unit Five

November 5 - 12: (First posting by 11/5) Discussion Forum:

Watch the Juno clip (in Unit Five on Blackboard).

Background: Juno is 16 years old and accidentally pregnant. She has decided to give the baby up for adoption and this clip starts with Juno and her father meeting the couple who hope to adopt the baby.

1) List the “off-time” events that are mentioned or take place in this clip (discussed oon page 260 and in Transitions, p. 293).

2) Based on what you can see in this set of clips, did Juno and Vanessa successfully transition through the “off-time” life-course events? (In the evidence to support your answer, consider the stages of individual and generational time for both Juno and Vanessa as well as why these events can be considered “off-time”.)

November 7: Family Analysis Webpage: Choose a minor or major stressor that your family has experienced and you are comfortable talking about.

  1. Analyze the individual, generational, and historical time of the affected members.
  2. Was this a vertical or horizontal stressor? Explain.
  3. Did you/your family experience any/all of the stages of family crises (page 307)? Explain.
  4. Which, if any, of the coping strategies did you and/or your family use (page 325)? Explain.

November 7 - 14: Post comments about family members' webpages.

November 12: Final answers must be posted:Final answers should be posted in your family's discussion forum with the subject heading: FINAL ANSWER FOR "YOUR FAMILY NAME."

November 14: Make final revisions to webpages.

November 13 - 16: Debate "FINAL ANSWERS"; chance to refute, question, defend.




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