Unit Three: Family Relationships

Chapter 6

September 22 - October 5

September 22 - 23: Quiz over Unit Three

September 24 - October 1 (First posting by 9/24): Discussion Forum: Watch the clip "Birdcage Roles" available from the Unit Three page in Blackboard.

As a family, answer the following:

Albert has always been a "mother" to, Val, their son. However, Val wants to marry a girl from a very conservative family and would prefer if Albert were not present when her family comes for dinner. Given what you have read about role expectations (from society, culture, significant others), as well as role enactment (performance), do you think it is a good idea for Albert to attempt this role change to try to impress their son's future in-laws? Why or why not?

As always: post ANSWER (yes or no) and then EVIDENCE: Why or why not?

Again, your answers should be a phrase or two. The Evidence (separate from the Answer) should contain specific reasoning and quotes from the text(s).

September 26: Family analysis webpage: add analysis of 1) how your family meets the role functions on page 155. Also, add your analysis of your family according to: 2) Fitzpatrick's couple types (if single, just say so, p.172); 3) Gottman's conflict types (same here, p. 176); 4) Kantor and Lehr's family types (p. 178) - with explanations for your choices.

September 26 - October 3: Post comments about family websites for your family

October 1: Final answers must be posted: Final answers should be posted in your family's discussion forum with the subject heading: FINAL ANSWER FOR "YOUR FAMILY NAME."

October 3: Final Revisions of web additions due.

October 2 - 5: Debate "FINAL ANSWERS"; chance to refute, question, defend (see Units page for more explanation of this exercise).




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