Unit One: Perspectives on the Family

August 25 - September 5

Chapters One, Two and Three

WARNING: This first week is a bit intense but designed to be sure you have or can gain the skills necessary to succeed in the class:

1) Take a quiz online, 2) Read and post to the discussion forum, and 3) Create and upload a webpage.


August 25 - 27: Take quiz over Unit One.

August 27: Introduce yourself to your class "family" in the discussion forum.

August 27 - September 3: Decide on a name for your class "family" in the discussion forum.

September 3: Post the name of your class family in your discussion forum with the subject "Family Name"

August 29: Create family analysis webpage: 1) Create a webpage, 2) add your definition of family; 3) add a brief description of the family you have chosen to use for this analysis, 4) email the URL to me so I can post it on the "Families" page: Here's my example and here's Jessica's example!

Remember you will be using this family the entire semester, so choose one that you know and can find out quite a bit about. Your own family is probably easiest and, quite often, the most interesting. You are welcome, since you are putting these on webpages, to change the names if you like. If you are not comfortable using your own family, choose a fictional family and do your analysis on them. Again, you will need to stick with this family for the entire semester. Some possibilities include families from movies such as: Something to Talk About, Steel Magnolias, Pleasantville, Soul Food, The Perez Family, Joy Luck Club, The Incredibles or TV shows such as : That 70's show, Sopranos, Simpsons, The Cosby Show, Malcolm in the Middle, Desparate Housewives, Everybody Loves Raymond, Roseanne etc.

Need help creating your webpage? creating a webpage

Want more help with webpages? Attend a STEPS class on using Netscape Composer sponsored by ITS (these won't occur in time to help with the first two assignments - so email me or call the helpdesk if you have problems).
Know how to create a webpage but need help with writing for one? writing for the web

September 3: Add analysis of cohesion, adaptability, root metaphor, boundaries, and themes to your family analysis page. Here's my analysis

August 29 - September 5: Post comments for other members of your family to help them improve their webpages in the appropriate discussion forum.

September 5: All revisions to webpages must be made by this date.

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