"Family" Assignments

(these may be adjusted somewhat in the first week to accommodate drop/adds)
(click on the person's name to access his/her webpage,
if it is available)


Almost Dons
Rachael Harris Natalie Graves
Janine Klingenberger Erin Griffith
Tim Nettrouer Lakesha Harris
Candy Pease Danielle Kammer
Chad Teetsel Seth Morgan
Amanda Woods Micaela Shipe


Funky Family Four
Elizabeth Hollingsworth Jennifer Bell
Stephanie Knapp Gabrielle Cale
Michael Knitter Lindsie Goss
Lisa Murray Ashley Raymer
Heidi Smith Stacy Refner
Christopher Snyder Abby Shull


Seniors Celebrity Family
Nathan Houser
Brandee Knepper
Kristen Lennart
Shannon Miller
Nathan Thieme








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