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COMM and COMI Courses and Objectives

Objectives for the BA in Communication

We expect our students to meet the objectives (both for the core courses and for each area of concentration) during their courses in our department. Please remember that several things need to happen if your course needs to meet an objective for the major:

1) all objectives for each course need to be listed on the syllabus;

2) all objectives for each course need to be met during the course; and

3) students must produce some kind of artifact that they may use in their portfolios (quiz, essay, project, video of presentation etc.) as evidence that they have met the objective.

Your syllabus should have a statement something like: “*Portfolio Requirement for Communication Majors: If you major in Communication via the 2009-2010 bulletin or a later bulletin, you will be required to create a portfolio as part of the sequence of required classes: COM 120, COM 308, and COM 480/499. This class offers opportunities to fulfill these objectives. Be sure to save your work for your portfolio!”

Objectives for General Education

Each year a different general education objective is assessed for each general education course offered. Instructors need to be sure that:

1) all general education objectives for each course are listed on their syllabi exactly as they are listed in the bulletin: General Education Bulletin 2014-15 ;

2) all general education objectives for each course are met each semester;

2) the agreed upon assessment/assignment is completed by students; and

3) scores/grades/information from that assessment is forwarded to the assessment committee in fall and spring.