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Core Courses and Objectives
Interpersonal/ Organizational Courses and Objectives

Media and Culture Courses and Objectives

Multimedia Newsgathering and Reporting Courses and Objectives
Rhetoric and Public Advocacy Courses and Objectives

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COMM and COMI Courses and Objectives

Objectives for Core Courses

101 120 203 300 308 499 490
Articulate the historical traditions of the discipline X
Demonstrate an awareness of and skillful use of technologies relevant to their major X X
Explain communication concepts and theories relevant to their major; X X X
Explain, apply, and evaluate the processes involved in productive conflict in the contexts (e.g., interpersonal, small group, organizational, mediated, public) relevant to their major
Demonstrate awareness of diverse perspectives X X
Read, speak, write, and listen competently X X X X
Demonstrate the ability to be a critically engaged citizen X X X

Bulletin description of Communication B.A. and Courses