Dear Colleagues:
In an effort to better understand the workload and priority of teaching using various delivery methods, we are undertaking a three part study.

1) The first part is to survey instructors about their perceptions of their workload and the priorities they place on different teaching related tasks for one specific course. That survey is linked below and we greatly appreciate your completing it. Answers are both anonymous and confidential.

2) The second part is to ask some of you to log your teaching time for three days. This would consist simply of checking off how you spend your teaching related time for one specific course during the week. Again, your answers are entirely confidential. If you are willing to complete the log, please email one of us with your name and the number of course (i.e., COM 310) you would use to complete the log.

3) The third part is to survey students to find out what their priorities are in relation to interaction with and feedback from their instructors. Students’ answers are also anonymous. We will come to your traditional class with surveys in hand (takes about 15 minutes) or we can bring students a URL so they can fill it out online (takes about 5 minutes). If you are teaching online, we can give you the URL to post in your class. If you are willing to allow us to survey your students, email any one of us using the links below and we will get right back to you!

Again, thanks for your help.


Marcia D. Dixson Adam Dircksen Melissa Dietrich
Associate Professor Continuing Lecturer Limited Term Lecturer
481-6658 481-6543 481-5441 mailbox 19075#


Instructor Survey. You may take this survey online or print it either in Word or pdf format to complete and send via campus mail.


Instructor survey (Online)

Instructor survey (Word)

Instructor survey (pdf)


Teaching Log

Teaching log (Word)

Teaching log (pdf)