Crisis-Conscious Teaching Toolkit:

Four key things to consider when teaching during a crisis


(Life under COVID is isolating; your class can be a source of support for your students through relationships with you and each other.)


(A defining element of a traumatic experience is loss of control and a sense of powerlessness. Helping students develop a sense of control is important for coping.)

Cognitive Overload

(Extraneous stimuli created by a crisis can increase the cognitive load imposed on students, making it more difficult for them to process information and learn.)

Class activities related to the crisis

(Connections to the current crises can increase students’ engagement in learning and help them understand how these events impact themselves and others.)

Information compiled and synthesized by Carol Lawton, Psychology; Elliott Blumenthal, Biology; Isabel Nunez, Education; Marcia Dixson, Academic Affairs; Rachel Ramsey, CELT; and Yvonne Zubovic, Mathematics

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