Communication Department

Information for Faculty Searches


General information and forms from Human Resources

Recruitment Checklist


Required Form: Request to Recruit

Required Form: Web Posting Form (to post the positon to IPFW's website)


Sample ad

Required Form: Form 12 to requisition payment for ads

Send out emails to appropriate universities, departments, and groups of organizations

sample email

Self-identification link to email to candidates:


Sample criteria evaluation sheet

Request for teaching information

Protocol for reference calls

Sample reference email - female candidate

Sample reference email - male candidate

Protocol for candidate calls


Required Form: Request to Interview Form

Itinerary Checklist

Sample itinerary

Guidelines for reimbursement of recruitment expenses

Form 17C to Reimburse Expenses for Candidates

Be aware of Guidelines for Criminal Conviction Background Records (paperwork is given to candidate during HR sesssion of on-campus intervew)

Sample interview protocol - interview with search committee

Interview evaluation form


Required Form: Request to extend offer (usually done by the Chair)

Sample regret letter - once candidate has signed/returned contract

Let the Equity office know who you hired.

Now, help them become integrated into our Department, IPFW and Fort Wayne!